Issue 4/2017

Global Limits

It is 45 years since the Club of Rome’s famous study, "The Limits of Growth", was published. With its emphatic warnings about the threat of natural resources running out and the catastrophic consequences of worldwide environmental destruction, the study made a decisive contribution to shaping ecological awareness and corresponding political movements. To sum up, almost half a century later little or nothing has been learnt from those forecasts. The "Global Limits" edition turns its attention to current symptoms and manifestations of this persistent ecological slope—such as those recently voiced in the Anthropocene discourse, or those manifest for quite some time in experimental forms of a non-instrumental earth-boundness. It also enquires how art, over and above apocalyptic doomsday scenarios, might deal with the undeniable limits to growth. What kinds of different conceptual models or new ecologies are currently emerging on this front—approaches that enable a more sharply focused view of growing global imbalances?

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