Issue 1/2008

Remapping Critique

Critical perspectives are generally characterised by a peculiar tension. Socially, aesthetically and in terms of discourse, numerous fractures exist in the relationship between critical positions and the objects they target. However, this tension affects not only the objects that an advanced cultural critique addresses, but as associated phenomena also the kind of advocacy and the self-defined niche adopted. Often enough the standpoint and the context from which a critical position is propagated are blocked out with a generous sweep of the hand or not even taken into consideration. »Remapping Critique« poses questions pertaining to the specific divisions that emerge between criticism, the subject-matter critiqued and the (positive) counter-images often promised in the process. Without wishing to sink into infinite relativisations or trying... » read more


Net section

Re-Search the Search-Engine
A conference on »Quaero« and what the concept of »Exodus« might have to do with search engines
Annett Busch

Push-Button Mentalities
The button as constituent element of a networked world
Krystian Woznicki

From the Work to .txt / and Back
On Mary-Anne Breeze’s Net Literature
Franz Thalmair

Overcoming isolation
The DVD magazine »Treibsand« focuses on contemporary art in Teheran
Yvonne Volkart

Fox among Hedgehogs
Geert Lovink and the Search for an Updated Net Critique
Roman Schmidt

Never Mind The Pollocks
Machine Art, Art Machines, Human Machines and Techno Animals – a few remarks on current events
Klaus Walter

Futures & Pasts
The 2007 Viennale retrospective shows objects trouvés of essayistic cinema
Christian Höller


Remapping Critique

Why is feminism suddenly so »sexy«?
Analysis of a »resurgence« based on three exhibition catalogues
Bojana Pejic

Calling into Question Yesterday’s Position
Georg Schöllhammer in an interview with art historian and critic Helmut Draxler
Georg Schöllhammer

Thinking Indistinction
Postscript to Jacques Rancière’s Political Aesthetics
Christian Höller

Pavilion to the Heart’s Insight
Hu Fang

The City Without Weight
Visual contribution
Wang Zi

The memory of houses
Today’s stasis is the movement of the past. Three Austrian documentary films, »Bellavista«, »Gibellina« and »Fischbach«, lend an ear to the memory of half-abandoned places.
Maya McKechneay

Balalaika social policy
The discovery of poverty, inner colonies and welfare modernism
Jochen Becker

Not a full stop, but a comma
Interactions in an understanding of modernity – via the example of the sculptor Vojin Bakic
Natasa Ilic

Steamrollered from two directions?
An update on contemporary Russian art between state power and market forces
Herwig G. Höller

La misère du monde
The Radical Theater of Iranian Director Hamed Taheri
Dietrich Heissenbüttel

Bamako 2007
On the seventh »Rencontres africaines de la photographie«
Christian Kravagna



André Cadere
»Peinture sans fin«
Daniel Pies

Aluminium or the 3rd Baku Biennale
Zeigam Azizov

»Spatiul Public Bucuresti – Public Art Bucharest 2007«
Dóra Hegyi

Emotional Systems
Contemporary Art Between Emotion and Reason
Alessandro Ludovico

Jochen Schmith
Hans-Christian Dany

Matts Leiderstam
Michael Hauffen

Pascale Marthine Tayou
»Plastik Diagnostik«
Jörn Ebner

»Oh Girl, It’s a Boy!«
Dietmar Schwärzler

»The Third Mind«
Jens Emil Sennewald

Erick Beltrán
»Ergo Sum«
Hedwig Saxenhuber

Book & Hedén
Stories for Empty Shop Windows
Christiane Erharter

»The Enforced Dress«
Kathi Hofer

Markus Schinwald
Susanne Neuburger



Luis Camnitzer:
Conceptualism in Latin American Art: Didactics of Liberation
Max Hinderer

Sabeth Buchmann:
Denken gegen das Denken
Sabine Gebhardt Fink

Aleksandar Zograf:
Regards from Serbia
Martin Reiterer

Jean-François Lyotard:
Libidinöse Ökonomie
Tim Stüttgen

Renate Lorenz/Brigitta Kuster:
sexuell arbeiten.
Tim Stüttgen