Issue 1/2012

Bon Travail

Do a good job. Who could disagree with this general maxim, be it from an artistic or a critical-theoretical perspective? Engaging with something as work almost inevitably signifies drawing on all the skills at your disposal. It is simply not an option to do nothing or not to make a good enough job of what needs to be done. A kind of »no-no« in flexibilised capitalism, which increasingly builds on critical creativity. But what if work – either in terms of the jobs on offer or the utility of work – is increasingly vanishing? And what if the volume of work shows a tendency to keep on growing and growing, as the increasing intermingling of work and leisure hints? The concept of work has become caught up in a strange twofold movement in the current crisis-ridden global economic context: on the one hand, there has been a significant dwindling of... » read more


Net section

Mini-cinema in self-experience mode
On the role of »animated GIFs« (Graphics Interchange Formats)
Franz Thalmair

Almost complete autonomy
An example of the freedoms afforded by digital production: US filmmaker James Benning
Christian Höller, Alexandra Seibel

Immersive sound show
The CineChamber makes a stop-over at the steirischer herbst’s musikprotokoll
Nora Theiss

The ambiguous materiality of sound
Rahma Khazam

Post-fake as game of projection
The phenomenon »Ursula Bogner« and the publication »SONNE = BLACK BOX«
Martin Conrads

The Diaspora Strikes Back
Contemporary Israeli Music and the Search for Alternative Identities
Ido Lewit

Going Viral
Aalam Wassef Between Wet and Dry Artivism
Nat Muller


Bon Travail

The Precarity of Culture
On the Role of Artists in Flexible Capitalism
Pascal Jurt

Paradise In One Village
Yevgenia Belorusets

Art in Capital
On Reproducing the Present
Kerstin Stakemeier

»It is simply all too much«
Interview with the Italian philosopher Franco »Bifo« Berardi
Tim Stüttgen

Precarious SM
Anarkink And Work In Turkish Contemporary Art
Süreyyya Evren

The Return of the Artist as Social Activist from the Abu Dhabi Guggenheim Boycott to the Occupy Wall Street Movement
Gregory Sholette

About Precarious Workers Brigade
Precarious Workers Brigade

The role of art and art institutions in a time of disaster
Views from the art community in the Tohoku region (a compilation of essays)
Keiko Sei, Satoshi Koganezawa, Hiroyasu Yamauchi, Noboru Takayama



»Reconsidering Roma – Aspects of Roma and Sinti Life in Contemporary Art«
Michael Hauffen

Taryn Simon
Angelika Bartl, Renate Wöhrer

Rachel Mader

»Hauntings – Ghost Box Media. Unheimliche Präsenz in Medien, Kunst und Pop«
Magdalena Felice

»Vergangenes Begehren«
Julia Wallnöfer

Omer Fast
Ines Kleesattel

29th Biennial of Graphic Arts: »The Event«
Petra Kapš

Mathias Poledna/Florian Pumhösl
Manuela Ammer

»Une légende en cache une autre«
Monika Vykoukal

»Die fünfte Säule«
Andrey Parshikov

»Ask Yo Mama«
Hans-Christian Dany



W. J. T. Mitchell, Aus dem Amerikanischen von Michael Bischoff:
Das Klonen und der Terror.
Peter Kunitzky

Sigrid Schade, Silke Wenk:
Studien zur visuellen Kultur
Gislind Nabakowski

Amir & Khalil, Aus dem Englischen von Reinhard Pietsch:
Zahra’s Paradise
Martin Reiterer

Juan Torres López, Alberto Garzón, Aitor Romero Ortega, Joel Serafín Almenara, Marcos Roitman, Gerardo Tuduri (Hg.):
Hablan los Indignados.
Jens Kastner

Klaudia Álvarez, Pablo Gallego, Fabio Gàndara, Óscar Rivas:
Nosotros, los indignados.
Jens Kastner