Issue 4/2013

Art of Indebtedness

Since the financial and debt crisis pushed the global economic system to the verge of destruction, heightened levels of alarmism have also become noticeable in the culture business. Over the last few years, a growing number of symptoms suggest that radical economic uncertainty is also increasingly impacting on the production, distribution and reception of art. Ongoing developments are noted and responded to with varying degrees of unease, although one can quite legitimately ask what has actually changed since the start of the crisis in 2008. Trading continues on the stock exchanges just as it did before; the principal beneficiaries of the system have on the whole grown richer over the last five years and the quest to identify those responsible seems to have become bogged down, with a tendency to blame national scapegoats rather than conduct... » read more


Net section

Copy Cats
On Oliver Laric’s artistic practice
Franz Thalmair

»With the power of thought«
Brain – computer – interfaces
Sandra Groll

Medium as “Missive”
On Akram Zaatari’s Video Letter to a Refusing Pilot (2013)
Christian Höller

Mining the Biennale
A Story About Art and Globalisation in Benin
Cédric Vincent

Napsterizing the Teamsters
On emerging forms of mutual aid and collective bargaining
Trebor Scholz


Art of Indebtedness

History Zero
Stefanos Tsivopoulos

Art and debt
The relationship between current practices and the ongoing crisis
Pascal Jurt und Beat Weber

Artists as Commoners in the Years of Indebtedness
Daphne Dragona

Absence as Argument
On the Reasoning Applied in David Graeber’s Debt: The First 5000 Years
Felix Klopotek

Hyperarticulation and crisis
Interview with artist Mathias Poledna on his new work Imitation of Life (2013)
Alexandra Seibel

Affect & Exchange
Melanie Gilligan

Gezi Park Practice
Horizontal Struggle
Ali Akay

Gezi Park (2013)
Balca Ergener

Anything goes – everything stays
A talk with Barbara Kapusta and Stephan Lugbauer, who ran the off-space Saprophyt in Vienna
Axel Stockburger

Reise durch Athen (2007-2008)
Alexandros Georgiou



About The House/Silence Turned Into Objects
Susanne Neuburger

Present Tense
Su-Ran Sichling

Bonjour tristesse, désir, ennui, appétit, plaisir
Monika Vykoukal

Ricardo Basbaum
Pedro de Llano

Silvia Eiblmayr

W sercu kraju (Im Herzen des Landes)
Herwig G. Höller

The Content of Form
Christian Höller

Thomas Locher
Yuki Higashino

Mareike Bernien/Kerstin Schroedinger
Kerstin Stakemeier



Diana Pinto :
Israel ist umgezogen
Thomas Edlinger

Rahel Puffert :
Die Kunst und ihre Folgen
Nanna Lüth

Jean-Luc Nancy :
Äquivalenz der Katastrophen
Gislind Nabakowski

Annette Emde, Radek Krolczyk (Hg.) :
Ästhetik ohne Widerstand
Thomas Raab

Joanna Warsza (Hg.) :
Ministry of Highways
Julia Gwendolyn Schneider