Issue 4/2015

Over the last few years, almost no other crisis hotspot has begun to shake Europe to the core as the Russian-Ukrainian conflict has. Apart from current developments on the refugee policy front, a somewhat incomparably disastrous scenario has developed near the European Union’s external border: on the one side, those who feel more drawn to Europe in its institutionalized form, on the other hand those who wish to assert their own territorial claims at any price. The entrenched incompatibility driving the situation is apparent in the complete lack of agreement even on the terminology; moves that one side describe as striving for independence are dubbed unilateral aggression by the other side, and vice-versa. In the course of this dispute virtually no other cultural context has been exposed to the kind of stress test that has torn at the long-... » read more


Net section

Techno am Teufelsberg
Christian Höller

Bilder einer überimaginativen Welt
Christa Benzer

Offensichtlich – hinter den Kulissen
Franz Thalmair

Alice im Überwachungsland
Gislind Nabakowski

The Quantified Selfie
Nishant Shah


The Saw's Child is the Board, 2015
Image Gallery
Yves Netzhammer

“Tear Off the Masks!”
Why Did Putin Lie About Crimea?
Stephen Holmes, Ivan Krastev

Tightrope (2015)
Image Gallery
Taus Makhacheva

Those Who Meandered Through the Surf
Odessa, ca. 1981–1983
Yuri Leiderman

Odessa. Fragment 205, 2015
Image Gallery
Yuri Leiderman, Andrey Silvestrov

Real Socialism Vanquished?
Owen Hatherley and Agata Pyzik discuss various aspects of post-communist history, politics and art
Owen Hatherley, Agata Pyzik

The Demolition of the Russian Monument at Ayastefanos (2011)
Image Gallery
Aslı Çavuşoğlu

Struggling Against Icons
The Elimination of Soviet Monumental Art from Ukraine’s Public Realm
Yevgen Nikiforov

“Everything Is PR”
How Peter Pomerantsev portrays the new Russia
Marci Shore

Our Common Struggle
Russia, Ukraine and the Role of the International Artistic Community
Haim Sokol

Playing at Politics, Learning to Speak
Documentary Theater by Kyiv’s TanzLaboratorium Experiments with Forms of Commonality
Larissa Babij

Unanswered Questions
An Interview with the Curators of the Kiev Biennale that Never Was
Olga Jitlina



Olaf Holzapfel/Nahum Tevet – The Rough Law of Gardens
Moritz Scheper

Im Inneren der Stadt
Lisa Britzger

Die Kunst der Türken. Modernisierung als Fiktion
Sabine Maria Schmidt

Katrina Daschner – DASCHNER
Wilbirg Brainin-Donnenberg

tout le monde
Monika Vykoukal

E.A.T. – Experiments in Art and Technology
Walter Seidl

Pauline Boudry/Renate Lorenz – Loving, Repeating
Christian Egger



Maja Fowkes:
Green Bloc. Neo-avant-garde Art and Ecology under Socialism
Katalin Cseh-Varga

Josch Hoenes, Barbara Paul (Hg.):
un/verblümt. Queere Politiken in Ästhetik und Theorie
Dagmar Danko

Stefan Römer:
Michael Hauffen

Rike Frank, Grant Watson (Hg.):
Textiles: Open Letter
Yuki Higashino

Marina Gržinić, Šefik Tatlić:
Necropolitics, Racialization and Global Capitalism: Historization of Biopolitics and Forensics in Politics, Art, and Life
Nanna Lüth, Wiebke Trunk