Issue 2/2016

Parallax Views

It is a good 25 years since the categories “West” and “East” underwent a decisive shift. It has taken almost as long to overcome the restrictive and patronising terminological straitjacket of so-called “Eastern Art” or, worse still, “Art from the former Eastern Bloc”. The difficulties involved in the ongoing search for fitting terms to describe artistic production from this region, even almost a quarter of a century after the fall of the Iron Curtain, speaks volumes. After all, the geographical circumlocution “Art from Eastern Europe” is nothing more than a work-around that tends to conceal the deeper problematic issue – namely securing a definitive place for this work in the contemporary art canon – rather than actually contributing to shedding light on the matter. In cooperation with Kontakt. The Art Collection of Erste Group and ERSTE ... » read more


Net section

Unmenschliches Rauschen
Yvonne Volkart

Decentring the Centre: New Directions in Sound
Rahma Khazam

Alessandro Ludovico

Denken ohne Boden
Julia Gwendolyn Schneider

Das digitale Subjekt
Matthew Fuller, Olga Goriunova


Parallax Views

„East“ as Geopolitical Category
Nataša Ilić and Peter Osborne in Conversation

Paul Neagu – Performances
Alina Serban

The Emergence of „Eastern Europe“
Cosmin Costinaş and Ekaterina Degot in Conversation

Beyond Ideology
Keti Chukhrov in conversation with Anthony Yung

Eastern European … Solidarity!
Rasha Salti in conversation with Branislav Dimitrijević

Opening Up History
Marta Dziewańska in conversation with Boris Buden

Unser Konzept war es zu polarisieren
Terezie Nekvindová, Vjera Borozan



Forum Expanded – Traversing the Phantasm
Christian Höller

Secret Surface – Wo Sinn entsteht
Michael Hauffen

Everything Must Go. Art and the Market
Christina Töpfer

Claus Richter – The Frankfurt Songbuch
Gislind Nabakowski

Melanie Gilligan – The Common Sense Substitution
Sabine Weier

Concerning Concrete Poetry
Gabriele Hoffmann

Anna Witt – Durch Wände gehen
Angelika Bartl, Renate Wöhrer

Rose English – A Premonition of the Act
Jörn Ebner

Constanze Ruhm – Re: Rehearsals (No Such Thing As Repetition)
Dietmar Schwärzler

Julia Haller – Smile from the Streets You Hold
Yuki Higashino



Jon Savage:
1966. The Year The Decade Exploded
Klaus Walter

Murray Bookchin:
Die nächste Revolution. Libertärer Kommunalismus und die Zukunft der Linken
Jens Kastner

Jo Schmeiser (Hg.):
Conzepte – Neue Fassungen politischen Denkens
Ruth Sonderegger

Klaus Ronneberger:
Peripherie und Ungleichzeitigkeit
Jochen Becker

Tilman Baumgärtel:
Schleifen. Zur Geschichte und Ästhetik des Loops
Thomas Edlinger