Issue 4/2016

Europe’s Other

Where is Europe heading? What are the inner and outer barriers that stand in the way of the continent’s unification? What is it increasingly distancing itself from, in contrast to its own guiding principles? And what might constitute Europe’s fundamental unity, over and above institutional and bureaucratic sets of rules and regulations? Questions such as these have been raised frequently over the last few months. At the same time, progress towards a satisfactory response has scarcely advanced one single millimetre. On the one hand there is the still widely touted idea of a supra-national union, the shared overarching shared core that rises above all ethnic and regional differences; on the other, the recently emerged tendency towards discriminatory and at times even openly racist renationalisation. It is tempting to conclude that where ther... » read more


Net section

Das dritte Auge
Vera Tollmann

Asteroiden, NASA, Andromeda
Christian Höller

Nur in ihren Bildern ist die Welt wirklich
Sabine Weier

Collective research on communication media technology politics
Alessandro Ludovico

Sabine Maria Schmidt


Europe’s Other

Wer ist „alle“?
Susanne Lummerding

Emergency Turned Upside-Down
Oliver Ressler

Gesellschaft der Vielheit?
Pascal Jurt

Lisl Ponger

„My Kingdom, My Rules“
Alice Creischer, Andreas Siekmann

53 wounds in solidarity
Appropriation and 'hostipitality' in the slogan 'we refugees'
Suzana Milevska

Das Prinzip „Post-Otherness“
Dietrich Heißenbüttel

Angst in Europa. Angst um Europa
Marlene Rigler

Bol. Schmerz.
Georg Schöllhammer



Wael Shawky
Gabriele Hoffmann

Jimmy Robert
Moritz Scheper

Art Orienté Objet
Marlene Rigler

The People’s Cinema
Dietmar Schwärzler

1517–2016. Peace Treaty
Iris Dressler

Viet Nam Discourse Stockholm
Marion von Osten with Peter Spillmann
Yuki Higashino

Urban Now: City Life in Congo
Jochen Becker

Giving Time to Time
Bettina Brunner

Zelko Wiener
Franz Thalmair



Armin Medosch:
New Tendencies
Ivana Bago

Maria Fusco:
Master Rock
Thomas Raab

Loïc Locatelli Kournwsky/Maximilien Le Roy:
Überlebt! Chile 1973
Martin Reiterer

Christiane Erharter/Dietmar Schwärzler/Ruby Sircar/Hans Scheirl (Hg.):
Pink Labor on Golden Streets: Queer Art Practices
Sabine Rohlf

Aaron Schuster:
The Trouble with Pleasure: Deleuze and Psychoanalysis
Nicolas Siepen