Issue 1/2018

Asocial Media?

“The Know-It-Alls” is the title American author Noam Cohen chose for his study on those who make the brave new digital world. It is generally recognized that this world has many, dark sides, not to say abysses. Cohen’s book (discussed in this issue) makes clear that the know-it-alls have however set their sights on squeezing every last ounce of profit out of these abysses, and that this process has long been underway. To a large extent entirely ignoring social and political collateral damage, for a good 20 years the major innovators from Silicon Valley have labored to make their vision of “enhanced” humanity a reality—even if that means that pronounced divisive tendencies become ever more apparent across society, with a tiny elite increasingly disengaged from the unfortunate masses. This development unleashed by Google, Amazon, Facebook an... » read more


Net section

Hypernormal Hybrids
Konrad Becker, Felix Stalder

Animal Intelligences
Non-human problem solving and the limits of “speciesism”
Susana Monsó

Wer hat Angst vor künstlichen Vögeln?
Stefan Woltran

Demonstrationen kollektiven Vermögens
Christa Benzer

„Russische Hacker“
Herwig G. Höller


Asocial Media?

Truth and Disavowal
New Media Realities and the Liberal Trauma
Olivier Jutel

Meme War – War in the Nets
A conversation between Marc Ries and Maria L. Felixmüller on a central political slogan in social media channels
Marc Ries und Maria L. Felixmüller

Be Realistic, Ask for the Impossible (2017)
Lara Baladi

The Dogma of Computability
Neoliberal Capitalism, Neo-Materialism, and Beyond
S. M. Amadae

NO! NO! NO! (2017)
Mykola Ridnyi

The Match
Lost and Found at the Computer Trade Fair
Thomas Raab

Endless Flux
What It Means to Scroll in Digital Space
Alessandro Ludovico

Es ist zwölf Uhr, ich kauf mir Supreme
Hans-Christian Dany

Hope 2008-2017 (2017)
D. H. Saur



Art Without Death: Russischer Kosmismus
Michael Hauffen

Stefan Burger
Julia Moritz

trigon 67/17ambiente nuovo/post environment
Manuela Pacella

The Kyiv International – Kiew Biennale 2017
Hedwig Saxenhuber

VALIE EXPORT. Das Archiv als Ort künstlerischer Forschung
Bettina Brunner

Herwig G. Höller

An Evening with Chto Delat
Edit András

Sergei Eisenstein: The Anthropology of Rhythm
Valentina Tanni

in awe
Laura Amann

Naturgeschichten: Spuren des Politischen
Andrey Shental



Didier Eribon:
Gesellschaft als Urteil: Klassen, Identitäten, Wege
Jens Kastner

Eyal Weizman:
Forensic Architecture: Violence at the Threshold of Detectability
Noah Chasin

Kristin Ross:
Communal Luxury. The Political Imaginary of the Paris Commune
Jochen Becker

Noam Cohen:
The Know-It-Alls
Christian Höller