Issue 3/2018

The Institute of "Art"

The art business has long split into many parallel strands, each with its own institutions, markets and illusions. Patterns of practice spanning a huge spectrum, from amusement for the super-rich to survival techniques for the super-precaritised, have crept into these undertakings. There is still a pretence that a single unifying - and in particular institutional - basis exists for all these spheres. Nowadays however, not even formerly hegemonic large-scale events like documenta or the biennials in Venice, São Paulo, Istanbul or New York can still create coherent narratives with a lasting impact. In the light of this, what holds the "institution" of contemporary art together? Where can lines of connection be identified, cutting across social or scene-specific coordinates as well as regional or international geographic zones? Does this unif... » read more


Net section

Digitale Herzensbildung
Christa Benzer

Kopie, Glitch, Fehler
Justin Hoffmann

Was die Bildschirme zum Leuchten bringt
Dietrich Heißenbüttel

Re & Ra, Rosa & Erasure
Klaus Walter

The Deep Valley of Cyber Surveillance
Interview with Yasha Levine about the Military Origins of the Internet
Olivier Jutel


The Institute of "Art"

Institutes of Performativity
Towards an Institutional Ethics
Keti Chukhrov

Mokshamudra Progression
Adrian Piper

Private foundations, Innovating Conformity
Pierre Bal-Blanc

“You Can’t Step into the Same River Twice” – Sure Enough, You Can!
Transformation from a (Post-)Socialist Institution of Art into an Illiberal-Nationalist, Autocratic One
Edit András

49 Streifen/90 Streifen
Ovidiu Anton

“I Know You Can’t Levitate”
Contemporary Art in Turkey as a Weak Diversion of Interest and a Powerful Tarrying
Süreyyya Evren

Good at Shooting, Bad at Painting
Khaled Jarrar

Art Won't Save Us
Anna Khachiyan

Georg Kargl 1955–2018
Georg Schöllhammer



Martha Rosler/Hito Steyerl – War Games
Christoph Chwatal

Mika Rottenberg
Sabine Mostegl

Horáková + Maurer – TPX-Index
Veronika Rudorfer

Burak Delier – Barmag: A Magazine That Takes Itself for a Bar
Süreyyya Evren

Sylvia Szely

Workshops of Revolution
Ewelina Jarosz

Portable Landscapes
Rahma Khazam

Ydessa Hendeles – Death To Pigs
Ada Karlbauer

Performative Screenings #53: Julia Grosse und Yvette Mutumba Contemporary And Center of Unfinished Business
Christian Egger

Bouchra Khalili
Christian Höller



Lyn Blumenthal/Kate Horsfield:
Craig Owens: Portrait of a Young Critic
Naoko Kaltschmidt

Krystian Woznicki:
Fugitive Belonging
Peter Kunitzky

Christian Dewald/Petra Löffler/Marc Ries (Hg.):
Kino Arbeit Liebe: Hommage an Elisabeth Büttner
Alexandra Seibel

Mladen Savic:
Feuer am Dach: Essays, Reflexionen, Polemiken
Thomas Raab