Issue 1/2021

Repairing History

It’s actually absurd, nothing short of preposterous – wanting to debate history at a time when combatting the pandemic takes precedence over everything else. As if it were not already sufficiently demanding to grapple with the current challenge of finding an appropriate response to the viral threat that is not going to simply vanish any time soon. In this light, it seems almost poignant to see images of a time after the pandemic being conjured up in many places – as if it would ever be possible to just pick up again, seamlessly and undaunted, from where one left off before the great outbreak. In a roundabout way, that loops back after all to the topic of history or rather the question of how best to face its adversities and imponderables. It was long possible – with a reasonable prospect of success – to be guided by the phant... » read more


Net section

The Genie is out of the Bottle
On the Surveillance-Critical Art of Lauren Lee McCarthy
Sabine Weier

Technical Art as a Critique of Civilization
In search of ecologically friendly renewable media
Bettina Maria Brosowsky

Dancing in Isolation
Some Distant Observations During the CTM Festival 2021
Martin Conrads

Silent Works
A forum against AI capitalism’s fantasies of powerlessness
Kevin Rittberger

The Price of Freedom
Interview with Mark Coeckelbergh about the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
Christian Höller


Repairing History

The End of White Supremacy
An American Romance
Saidiya Hartman

Encumbrance, 2020
Cameron Rowland

Pacotille, 2020
Cameron Rowland

Radical Futurisms: Documentary’s Chronopolitics
T. J. Demos

Just Criminal?
Depoliticizing Racist and Colonialist Violence
Ana Teixeira Pinto

Racism, Normative Model of White Hubris
About the Organized „Disarming of the Subjugated “
Gislind Nabakowski

After Europe
Julian Warner

KOLONNEN – hohenzollern ist jetzt ein verb
Dierk Schmidt

Existence & Folklore
Exhibitions on Angela Davis and a Book about the Performance Group Gintersdorfer/Klaßen
Jochen Becker

Writing History with Knowledge from a Previous Life
Lawrence Abu Hamdan Extends the Methodological Boundaries of Historical Studies
Christa Benzer

Stories of Traumatic Pasts – Belgien/Kongo



No Dandy, No Fun
Jörg Scheller

Zhanna Kadyrova/Jiri Kovanda – (Almost) Involuntary Sculptures
Hedwig Saxenhuber

Linda Bilda – Amor vincit omnia
Christian Egger

Nora Turato – Eto ti na
Cathrin Mayer

Ceija Stojka
Milena Dimitrova

Closed Fish Exhibition. Reconstruction
Andrey Shental

Actually, the Dead Are Not Dead. Una forma de ser
Dietrich Heißenbüttel

Parlament der Pflanzen
Christa Benzer

Maja Vukoje – Auf Kante
Susanne Neuburger

Želimir Žilnik – Shadow Citizens
Melanie Letschnig



Sofia Bempeza/Christoph Brunner/Katharina Hausladen/Ines Kleesattel/Ruth Sonderegger:
Polyphone Ästhetik. Eine kritische Situierung
Anna Bromley und Michael Fesca

Zoran Terzic:
Idiocracy. Denken und Handeln im Zeitalter des Idioten
Michael Hauffen

Klemens Gruber:
Die polyfrontale Avantgarde Medien und Künste 1912–1936
Peter Kunitzky

Sandra Schäfer:
Moments of Rupture: Space, Militancy & Film
Alexandra Seibel