Issue 4/2022


It is difficult to touch the real, as was once said in the art world some time ago. From today’s perspective, however, it is even more difficult not to be touched by the real – in a more or less unpleasant way. The experiences of the last months and years speak their own language in this respect, even if this is mostly only unconsciously accessible to the feeling subjects. Touching and being touched, as much as they may seem like opposites at first glance, are possibly in a much more intricate relationship to each other than a clearly defined grammar of terms would like to admit. Perhaps this is one reason why one should start with the general term “touch” in order to make relevant derivations from it. At first, it seemed as if – after the drastic experiences of lockdowns and social distancing – a need for closeness would increasing... » read more


Net section

Elisa Linseisen

Technologien des „Zusammenwerdens“
Yvonne Volkart

Die Daten der anderen
Martin Conrads

waiting to be rendered forever more
Ada Karlbauer

Down to Earth
Christian Höller



Art, Touched by War
Reflections on the Contemporary Economy of Violence
Andriy Ripa

„Um Berührung zulassen zu können, brauchen wir Räume und Zeiten, die unbestimmt sind“
Franz Thalmair

Sharon’s diary, entry 1286 – A windy sunny morning, 8 degrees Celsius, probably a November day
Raluca Voinea

Touch and Aesthetics of Concern
KUNCI Study Forum & Collective: Acong, a.k.a Onyenho & Khoiril Maqin

On Touching the Stranger Within
The Alterity that therefore I Am
Karen Barad

Talking to You
Anna Daučíková

Secret Passage
Benjamin Seroussi

Troping a Dope Zum Beitrag von Atis Rezistans | Ghetto Biennale auf der documenta fifteen
Katharina Hausladen

Critical Diversity Literacy – d15_l1____
Susanne Lummerding

The Community Economies of lumbung
Kathrin Böhm & Kuba Szreder

Praxis der dekolonialen Kritik
Cédric Vincent

The Boomerang Effect
Eyal Weizman



Ceremony (Burial of an Undead World)
Michael Hauffen

Anna Boghiguian – Period of Change
Christian Egger

Estelle Blaschke/Armin Linke – Image Capital
Sabine Maria Schmidt

No One Belongs Here More Than You
John Hill

Bani Abidi – The Song
Susanne Neuburger

General Alert. Kriege, die nie enden
Ada Karlbauer

Chewing the Tundra
Milena Dimitrova

LOVING OTHERS. Modelle der Zusammenarbeit
Melanie Letschnig

David Mann

Jean Frédéric Schnyder
Patricia Grzonka



Stefan Römer:
DeConceptualize Zur Dekonstruktion des Konzeptuellen in Kunst, Film, Musik
Kathrin Heinrich

Jeremy Gilbert/Alex Williams:
Hegemony Now How Big Tech and Wall Street Won the World (And How We Win it Back)
Pascal Jurt

Omri Boehm:
Radikaler Universalismus Jenseits von Identität
Peter Kunitzky

Gerald Raunig:
Ellen Wagner