Issue 1/2023


Is anyone still listening? Does anyone still perceive all this? Or, to put it another way: Can there still be anything like a ‘deeper’ listening into the matters that surround us – in view of a social-medial, incessantly intensifying swarm of discourse with overlapping messages of what is already well known? The crisis mode in which our (Western) societies have found themselves for some time now does not necessarily make it easier to ‘listen’. On the contrary, the alarmism and (civilian) exceptionalism that currently dominate social and political events virtually prevent us from responding to, or being open to anything other than preconceived opinions. In this context, listening becomes an almost impossible task: a race against algorithmically solidifying walls of a perpetual murmuring, from which a more complex understanding, no matter wh... » read more


Net section

Learning from the Nonhuman
Yein Lee's Sculptures Point to a Posthuman, Feminist Future
Christa Benzer

Half Duck, Half Sierra
About the Collaborative Work Or So It Seems by Alan Butler and Simone C Niquille at transmediale 2023
Martin Conrads

“Against the Possibility of Giving Meaning to Reality”
An Encounter with the Author, Scientist and Artist Asia Bazdyrieva
Sabine Weier

Diving into the Fluid Other
In Search of “Non-identical” Spaces of Experience
Christian Höller

Maritime Textures
The Ocean as Medium and Threshold
Ellen Wagner



When Pools Turn Red
Five Artists and Cultural Workers from Iran comment on the Current Situation in their Country
Hannah Jacobi

tunes for summoning AND red status alert
Natascha Sadr Haghighian & Shirin Mohammad

“Emancipatory Listening Is Not Singular, But Collective”
About Vibrational Practices, Listening Cultures, Trees and Affects
Nina Sun Eidsheim

para-listening (2018–2023)
Ricarda Denzer

Politics of Vibration
Music as a Portal to “Topological” Spaces of Experience
Marcus Boon

Who is Afraid of Sound?
Listening as Transgression and Questioning of Cultural Visuality
Salomé Voegelin

The Art of Listening
Pascal Jurt

Technologies of Interception of Art and Culture in Putin’s Russia
Keti Chukhrov



Re-Materialisation of Language: 1978–2022
Max L. Feldman

Rosemarie Trockel
Patricia Grzonka

Heinrich Dunst sink UND on affairs
Rahma Khazam

Anna Jermolaewa – Number Two
Milena Dimitrova

16. Lyon Biennale: Manifesto of Fragility
Hedwig Saxenhuber

Kudzanai Chiurai/Frida Orupabo/Eric Magassa - FLIGHT
Simona Dumitriu

Je Veux, Vienna 1975–2022
Christian Egger

Sanja Ivekovic. Works of Heart (1974–2022)
Ada Karlbauer

TOGETHER THE PARTS – ein künstlerisch-performatives Gathering
Krassimira Kruschkova



Stefanie Kitzberger/Cosima Rainer/Linda Schädler (Hg.):
Friedl Dicker-Brandeis – Werke aus der Sammlung der Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien
Sabeth Buchmann

Denise Ferreira da Silva:
Unpayable Debt
Dietrich Heißenbüttel

Sianne Ngai:
Das Niedliche und der Gimmick
Peter Kunitzky

Carlos Reyes/Rodrigo Elgueta UND Sonja Eismann/Maya/Ingo Schöningh (Hg.):
Wir die Selk’nam UND Movements and Moments – Indigene Feminismen
Martin Reiterer