Issue 1/2013


Anti-humanism in art? This notion most likely sets the alarm bells ringing right away, for it inevitably contains a hint of “inhumanity”. The question of how a worldview might look if it explicitly chose not to take human beings as its central point of reference has been a burning issue on many fronts for quite some time, both at the last Documenta and prior to this. In a sense, this would be an egalitarian being-in-the-world that would place itself on an equal footing with other living beings and organisms, rather than lording it over them. A worldview of this kind would follow through to its logical conclusion a process that has long been unfolding, namely the Copernican turn away from the human subject as the centre-point of all being. Philosophical and artistic approaches seeking to develop this type of worldview can be traced back to ... » read more


Net section

Innovative Equipment
On the ideology and dogmatic of the „new“
Timothy Druckrey

Deploying the Body in Default Mode
The Art of Constant Dullaart
Franz Thalmair

Portraits of the XXI Century
Representations and Misrepresentations of Face and Artistic Responses
Bronac Ferran, Alessandro Ludovico

The World as a Game
In the World Game Lab at the Richard Buckminster Fuller Institute, a more sustainable way of living is being explored.
Julia Gwendolyn Schneider

Die Methode Fowler
Christian Höller

Threatening fake news
The anonymous media art project testifies to Russia’s new instability
Herwig G. Höller



retaped Rape
Fiona Rukschcio

Art in Crisis
Three Interviews about the Rise of Objecthood
Rahma Khazam

Grand dehors?
Pascal Jurt

The production line of subjectivity
On Félix Guattari’s concept of integrated world capitalism (IWC)
Max Jorge Hinderer

We have never been alone
The continuing appeal of animism
Susanne Karr

One node amongst many
Interview with queer theorist Jasbir K. Puar on questions of post-humanism
Tim Stüttgen

Gastbeitrag Conzepte
Billy Holiday/Rúbia Salgado

Sterne, Streifen und Champagnergläser
Danh Võ



Babak Afrassiabi and Nasrin Tabatabai
Juliane Debeusscher

Florian Pumhösl
Rachel Mader

Abstrakte Versatzstücke und konkrete Umsetzungen
Herwig G. Höller

Şener Özmen
Sureyyya Evren

Qalandiya International
Alia Rayyan

Vidéo Vintage 1963–1983
Dietrich Heißenbüttel

Newtopia: The State Of Human Rights
Hedwig Saxenhuber

Roman Ondák
Monika Vykoukal

Acts of Voicing
Katrin Mundt

Tbilisi Triennale
Michael Hauffen

Keine Zeit
Christian Egger

Alejandro Cesarco
Yuki Higashino



Armin Krishnan :
Gezielte Tötung
Thomas Edlinger

Hans-Ulrich Reck:
Pier Paolo Pasolini
Gislind Nabakowski

metroZones – Center for Urban Affairs (Hg.):
Faith is the Place – the Urban Cultures of Global Prayers
Bert Rebhandl

Hofstetter Kurt:
ZART una cantata moebius
Roland Schöny

Angelika Bartl:
Andere Subjekte
Renate Wöhrer