Issue 3/2014

Arab Summer

It is three years since we published a special edition focusing on the dramatic changes and insurgencies in the Arab world. In those three years, the democracy movements that have attracted so much attention all over the world have in some instances consolidated their position but in other cases have suffered bitter setbacks. While in some places the despots who were previously in power have been ousted, the situation in Syria for example has completely escalated. Whereas the deeply entrenched autocratic structures on the Arabian peninsula have on the whole remained intact, elsewhere, for example in Tunisia, there is a clear move towards free parliamentary elections. At the same time however the spectre of a new authoritarianism is beginning to emerge right across the region. That is more than reason enough to ask what has actually follow... » read more


Net section

Let’s Make It Real
On the constitution of reality through digital media
Felix Stalder

Operational Reality
Art, technical media and the production of realities
Konrad Becker

Alter Wein in neuen Schläuchen
Monika Mokre

“Infect and be infected”
The Belgian non-profit organisation Constant as a textbook example of open Net culture
Yvonne Volkart

Trust the Network, Not the Document
On the Ephemerality of Digital and Network Aesthetics
Christian Höller


Arab Summer

Arab Spring and »Islam«
Counter-revolution under changed auspices
Farid Hafez

Kunst im Kreuzfeuer
Charlotte Bank

Syrian Voices
Róza El-Hassan

Geographies of Fear
The impact of the Syrian conflict on the Lebanese cultural scene
Mona Sarkis

How Did We Survive? … Did We?
Portrait of a neglected sensibility
Fadi Toufiq

No Stone throwing in Glass Houses
Ripples of the Arab Uprisings in the Gulf
Nat Muller, Ferry Biedermann

A Labor Camp Is Now Known as a Village
Interim report on the artist and human rights initiative Gulf Labor
Alice Creischer, Andreas Siekmann

An Unhindered Body Inventing Its Own Gesture
Selma und Sofiane Ouissi

Wirkungen ohne Ursachen
Anneka Lenssen

Thinking Together - die Ukraine denken

Das imaginäre Archiv: Eine Neudeutung des Maidan
Liza Babenko

Bilder der Revolution
Hedwig Saxenhuber

Eine etwas andere Kunstgeschichte
Lizaveta German



Berlin Biennale 8
Vera Tollmann

Ioana Nemeş
Simina Neagu

Zum Beispiel „Les Immatériaux“ / Smart New World
Gabriele Hoffmann

Lisa Oppenheim
Christian Höller

Burak Delier
Freedom has no script
Simona Nastac

Playgrounds. Reinventar la plaza
Sören Meschede

Arseniy Zhilyaev
M.I.R.: New Paths to the Objects
Rahma Khazam

Dani Gal
Daniel Horn

Meeting Points 7: Zehntausend Täuschungen und hunderttausend Tricks
Christa Benzer

I Can’t Control Myself
Christoph Braun



Helmut Draxler/Tanja Widmann (Hg.):
Ein kritischer Modus? Die Form der Theorie und der Inhalt der Kunst
Thomas Edlinger

Andreas Fogarasi:
Vasarely Go Home
Yuki Higashino

Tristan Garcia:
Form and Object: A Treatise on Things
Rahma Khazam

Johannes Ebert/Günther Hasenkamp/Johannes Odenthal/Sarah Rifky/Stefan Winkler (Hg.):
Zeitgenössische Künstler aus der arabischen Welt
Gislind Nabakowski

Alexander Bühler/Uta Röttgers:
Emilio Tasso: Eine Abenteuerreportage
Martin Reiterer

Tom Tirabosco/Christian Perrissin:
Kongo: Joseph Conrads Reise ins Herz der Finsternis
Martin Reiterer