Issue 1/2015

Critical Net Practice

A critical discourse on new information technologies has been underway for a good 20 years – as long as this journal has existed. Every three months we seek in the net section pages to present contributions to and prospects for this discourse and to spotlight the key issues. The emphasis here has shifted from a narrow focus on the Internet and the World Wide Web, which were both entirely new phenomena when springerin was founded, to a consideration of more general contemporary media dispositives and their role vis-à-vis art. The notion of the network remains a central aspect in this context, although this has begun to fan out into a cornucopia of diversity within individual media spheres – a movement that we attempt to cover as comprehensively as possible in all its nuances in the net section. Discourse on critical network practices has l... » read more


Net section

Non-human Eyes Are Watching
The spread of the computerised gaze from above
Vera Tollmann

Art of Visualization
Engaging with invisible realities
Julia Gwendolyn Schneider

Zombie Land
Israel’s war with the living-dead
Amir Vodka

Klang- und Geräuschvisionen
Marc Ries

Haptic Feedback, Part Two
Interview with the media scholar David Parisi about the role of touch in digital environments
Christian Höller


Critical Net Practice

Mission of Interconnectedness
A Roundtable about 20 Years of Net Culture
Konrad Becker, Josephine Berry Slater, Felix Stalder, Pauline van Mourik Broekman

The Cube is not the Totality
Critical Art Ensemble

Graham Harwood, YoHa

Remix, Rechte, Grundeinkommen
Felix Stalder

Weitergeben, was einem selbst nicht gehört
Felix Stalder

Against the looping stupor: regaining a perspective on DIY
Alessandro Ludovico

Communities of knowledge production and resistance in Greece
Ilias Marmaras

Exploring an Open Circumpolar Knowledges, Data Gathering, Dissemination and Sharing Network
Marko Peljhan, Matthew Biederman

Art and Political Ecology
Toward the New World
Brian Holmes



Poesie der Großstadt. Die Affichisten
Hemma Schmutz

Alle Tage wieder – Let Them Swing!
Manfred Hermes

Heinrich Dunst - Dämmstoffe
Rahma Khazam

Cristina Lucas - Todbringendes Licht
Carola Platzek

Vera Tollmann

The Reluctant Narrator. Narrative Practices Across Media
Sören Meschede

Gail Pickering - Mirror Speech
Katrin Mundt

KP Brehmer - Real Capital Production
Yuki Higashino

Simone Forti
Johannes Porsch

Josef Dabernig - Rock the Void
Christian Höller



Anette Baldauf (Hg.):
Victor Gruen
Matthias Dusini

Paul Cronin (Hg.):
Be Sand, Not Oil. The Life and Work of Amos Vogel
Stefan Grissemann

Eszter Kondor:
Aufbrechen. Die Gründung des Österreichischen Filmmuseums
Stefan Grissemann

Ilan Pappe / Luca Enoch & Claudio Stassi:
Die ethnische Säuberung Palästinas / Die Stern-Bande
Martin Reiterer

Giuliana Bruno:
Surface: Matters of Aesthetics, Materiality, and Media
Alexandra Seibel

Sigrid Schade (Hg.):
Vera Frenkel
Gabriele Werner