Issue 1/2017

The Post-Curatorial Turn

The curator has become arguably the most predominant figure in the art world over the last few decades. The figure at the centre of exhibition-making has been the curator, and this is often still the case; his or her authority and authorship seem as indispensable as ever, both in the established art business ‘institutional structures and in alternative scenes. Criticism has often been levelled over the years at this central, hegemonic position, indeed primacy vis-à-vis artists and at the bifurcating connections that constitute the very fabric of the art system. Nevertheless, reflections that move beyond the deep-rooted curator model, or address alternative modes of showing art or embedding it in broader contexts remain rare. Other forms of cooperation have however been emerging recently, mostly on a practical level, in the exhibition worl... » read more


Net section

Hello, can you hear me?
Yvonne Volkart

Kontrafaktische Parallelwelt
Christian Höller

Gesellschaft der Antizipation?
Julia Gwendolyn Schneider

„Ich poste, also bin ich. Ich erzähle, also bin ich. Ich teile, also bin ich.“
Gislind Nabakowski

Our feeds crack the world
Marc Ries


The Post-Curatorial Turn

From Para to Post: The Rise and Fall of Curatorial Reason
Simon Sheikh

Post-Curatorial: Testing Site
Vasif Kortun

KuratorInnen, die nicht kuratieren
Kaelen Wilson-Goldie

From the Critique of Institutions to Institutional Therapy
Vit Havránek

Triple Canopy - Network-Curating
Sadie Benning

„Wir sind eine nicht näher identifizierbare Chaosmasse“
Christa Benzer

| curator | curating | the curatorial | not-just-art curating
A genealogy of posthuman curating
Magda Tyżlik-Carver

Text und Ereignis
Moritz Scheper



Bergen Assembly 2016
Gabu Heindl

Digging Deep, Crossing Far
Dietrich Heißenbüttel

Ferenc Gróf – Without index/Mr. A. B. in X
Edit András

Willem de Rooij – Entitled
Eugen El

Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay – Une Autre Voix
Lisa Moravec

PARCOMMUNE. Place. Community. Phenomenon
Herwig G. Höller

Gottfried Bechtold
Christian Egger

Ines Doujak – Not Dressed for Conquering
Gabriele Hoffmann

Krzysztof Wodiczko/Jarosław Kozakiewicz
Marek Wasilewski

Touch the Reality. Rethinking Keywords of Political Performance
Aline Rainer



Douglas Crimp:
Before Pictures
Naoko Kaltschmidt

Felicity D. Scott:
Outlaw Territories
Yuki Higashino

Tim Lawrence:
Life and Death on the New York Dance Floor, 1980–1983
Christian Höller

Wolfgang Seidel:
Wir müssen hier raus!
Klaus Walter

Alexander Simmeth:
Krautrock transnational
Klaus Walter