Issue 4/2017

Global Limits

Growth and prosperity. That is probably the most concise way to summarize the predominant political ideology today, irrespective of any kind of political left/right ascriptions. Everything is supposed to grow constantly, first and foremost the economy, for then everything flourishes, including art. We have all earned a certain level of prosperity, or rather we all increasingly shoulder an ever-growing degree of individual responsibility for that prosperity. And if this desirable state of affairs ever begins to falter, the purported culprits are rapidly identified (refugees, “benefit scroungers” and others that are a drain on our resources). Yet growth and prosperity, as largely valid ideologemes unquestioningly accepted by all, have long been confronted to a dramatic degree with their limitations. This concerns a much more fundamental leve... » read more


Net section

Zweifelhafte Avatare
Julia Gwendolyn Schneider

Catching Eyes
Ellen Wagner

„Nicht alle Macht beginnt am Griff einer Waffe“
Gislind Nabakowski

Was das Herz will
Christian Höller

Irony and the Alt-right
The transgressive masks of reactionary techno-futurism
Ana Teixeira Pinto


Global Limits

Dark Ecology
Interview with Timothy Morton on counter-productive environmental thinking, overcoming species fixation, and solidarity with the non-human
Christian Höller

Ines Doujak

Empathy Machines
Emergent Organs for an Eco-Body?
Brian Holmes

Earth Online
Vera Tollmann

Über Devastierung
Matthew Fuller, Olga Goriunova

Alternative Realism
Interview with Cultural and Media Studies Scholar McKenzie Wark on Social Challenges of the Anthropocene
Pascal Jurt

Sphären des Aufstands (Teil eins)
Suely Rolnik

Sphären des Aufstands (Teil zwei)
Suely Rolnik

Neinsagen-Lernen als ästhetisches Ereignis
Yvonne Volkart



Adrian Piper – The Probable Trust Registry: The Rules of the Game #1–3
Jörn Ebner

Alexander Kluge – Pluriversum
Gislind Nabakowski

Elke Marhöfer/Mikhail Lylov – Quantum Aufmerksamkeit
Moritz Scheper

Shannon Ebner – Stray
Hedwig Saxenhuber

William Kentridge – Thick Time
Georg Schöllhammer

Rudolf Weidenauer – CIRCUMSTANZA
Christian Egger

Martin Beck – rumors and murmurs
Bettina Brunner

Oh... Jakob Lena Knebl und die mumok Sammlung
Johannes Porsch

Nicole Eisenman – Dark Light
Max L. Feldman

Jimmie Durham – God’s Children, God’s Poems
Yuki Higashino



Herausgegeben von Peter Haury für Oberwelt e.V.:
Justin Hoffmann

Yvonne P. Doderer:
Glänzende Städte
Gabriele Hoffmann

Sønke Gau:
Institutionskritik als Methode
Peter Kunitzky

Frédéric Pajak:
Ungewisses Manifest 1–2
Martin Reiterer