Issue 2/2018


Original versus copy today? Who is still really concerned about that in the light of a culture in which copying and (sometimes unthinking) reproduction of sources have almost become standard practice? A culture in which automatically reproducing and spreading any initial material at all has in a certain sense become a fundamental state of affairs. In any event, the now irreversible technological basis for this causes difficulties for culture industry firms. Alongside this, a nexus of problems that cannot readily be shaken off is emerging in widespread instances of plagiarism and indeed illegal copying. But is the art of the present genuinely profoundly affected by all of this? Decades after the advent of Postmodern discourse and Appropriation Art, is it still possible to talk meaningfully and insightfully about authenticity and reproduction... » read more


Net section

Das geheime Leben der Bilder
Raphael Dillhof

Sabine Weier

A Question of Black Liquidity
Critical Race Media Theory @ Transmediale
Sumugan Sivanesan

Neue Umweltwahrnehmung
Julia Gwendolyn Schneider

Better Living Through Bitcoins
A Cryptocurrency Is the Ultimate “Life-Hack”
Noam Cohen



Copying as Performative Research
Toward an Artistic Working Model
Franz Thalmair

Failing the Original (2014–17/18) – Image Gallery
Lisa Rastl

One to One-and-a-Half
On the Spectrum of Contemporary Artistic Copying Practices
Christian Höller

Be with the Trouble
Cultural Appropriation in America
Bettina Funcke

Agnes Fuchs

“Retrograde Remediation”
Cross-Media Translations in Contemporary Film-Related Art
Gabriele Jutz

different views (2018) – Image Gallery
Michael Kargl

Giving and Taking
Renegotiating Literary Citation Culture
Annette Gilbert

Selected Publications – Image Gallery
Karen Eliot



Michael E. Smith
Julia Moritz

Stephen Willats – Endless
Jörn Ebner

Sevda Chkoutova – Hide II
Sabine Mostegl

There Will Come Soft Rains
Eugen El

Schöne neue Welten. Virtuelle Realitäten in der zeitgenössischen Kunst
Yvonne Volkart

Maya Schweizer – Die Luke, eine Fliege und dort die Puschkinallee
Moritz Scheper

If our soup can could speak: Mikhail Lifshitz and the Soviet Sixties
Andrej Schental

Löcher in der Wand: Anachronistische Annäherungen an die Gegenwart
Yuki Higashino

Sasha Pirker – MOI?
Fiona Liewehr

Poesie und Performance. Osteuropäische Perspektive
Lucia Gavulová



Victoria Lomasko:
Die Unsichtbaren und die Zornigen
Herwig G. Höller

Christian Kravagna:
Transmoderne. Eine Kunstgeschichte des Kontakts
Peter Kunitzky

Jean-Luc Nancy:
Drei Neuerscheinungen
Gislind Nabakowski

Migrant Image Research Group (Hg.):
Lampedusa. Bildgeschichten vom Rande Europas
Martin Reiterer