Issue 2/2021

Things That Divide Us

Divisions, here, there and everywhere. Yet at the same time a desire to establish new forms of solidarity and strike a balance within society. The defining political/cultural scenario of recent years could be defined in these terms and has become still more acute in the light of the pandemic. On the one hand, the undeniable observation that differences of all kinds have tended to become more pronounced due to the exceptional circumstances of the pandemic. On the other hand, calls have emerged, especially on the part of artists and intellectuals, to focus more on what unites us and what we share as aspects that should cut across all class or other identities. Yet this kind of juxtaposition between separation and reconciliation is not as simple as it first appears. Often, too much is projected into society’s alleged polarisation; too much is... » read more


Net section

The Future is Written Now
About transmediale 2021 – For Refusal
Sabine Weier

Of Virtual Paradise Gardens and Productive Idleness
About the Viennese Media Art Festival CIVA
Barbara Seyerl

Emigration into Virtual Space
About the Exhibition Beyond States at the Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen
Helena Schmidt

Emigration in den virtuellen Raum
Roland Schöny

Cosmic Vibration
SAVVY Berlin and MaerzMusik Commemorate Electronic Pioneer and Ethnomusicologist Halim El-Dabh
Christian Höller

Planet Love – Über Klimafürsorge, biologische Vielfalt und Wurzelsysteme
Denise Helene Sumi


Things That Divide Us

The Enthroned Basalt Goddess
The Idiosyncrasy and Appropriability of Objects
Roger M. Buergel und Sophia Prinz

The Organs of the Beast
Or: How Can the Metabolic Function of Today’s Institutions be Rethought?
Clémentine Deliss

About Pavilion Enthusiast – Balcony by the ZIP Group
Marianna Kruchinski

Return of the Rockets.
For a Radical Imagination in the Age of Hypersonic Rockets
Ovidiu Ţichindeleanu

Image Gallery
Aleksei Taruts und Serhiy Klymko

Roots and Stems
About Jura Shust’s Installation NEOPHYTE II: Extraction of Apotropaic (2021)
Anna Karpenko

Art doesn’t have to, but it can Change Society
About the Projects of Sergey Shabohin
Olga Shparaga

Forest, Frst, t like teamwork
Image Gallery
Susanne Kriemann

The present is like the smashed phone screen of an immigrant
Damir Arsenijević

Iulia Toma – #orientalswelcome
Image Gallery; Text: Raluca Voinea
Raluca Voinea

Jumping Over the Fire
About Invented Traditions and Objects of Folk Customs
Celine Wawruschka

Romana Scheffknecht 1952–2021
Susanne Neuburger



Lydia Ourahmane – Barzakh
Nika Timashkova

Flóra Gadó

Europa: Antike Zukunft
Günther Holler-Schuster

Metahaven – Chaos Theory
Kathrin Heinrich

Transformation und Wiederkehr. Radikale Nationalismen im Spiegel der zeitgenössischen Kunst
Milena Dimitrova

Trilogía marroquí 1950–2020
María Virginia Jaua

Phyllida Barlow – frontier
Hildegund Amanshauser

Grief and Grievance: Art and Mourning in America
Brianna Harlan

Özgür Kar – Macabre
Ada Karlbauer

Sharif Baruwa – Hallo Austria, hallo Vienna
Franz Thalmair



Kathi Hofer:
„Grandma“ Prisbrey’s Bottle Village
Kathrin Heinrich

Cornelia Sollfrank/Felix Stalder/Shusha Niederberger (Hg.):
Aesthetics of the Commons
Jens Kastner

Francis Seeck/Brigitte Theißl (Hg.) UND Betina Aumair/Brigitte Theißl:
Solidarisch gegen Klassismus UND Klassenreise
Susanne Lummerding

Tom Holert:
Knowledge Beside Itself
Johanna Schaffer