Issue 3/2022


It’s a word that actually does not exist at all in German: “degrowth”, a neologism that has been commonplace in the English-speaking world for some years, but can only be rendered in German by paraphrase-type constructions. That means there is often talk, and has been for some time, about “growth critique” or about the somewhat more zeitgeisty term of “post-growth”. “Growth reversal” would be another (quite literal but rather awkward) variant, while “growth decline” does not really hit the mark, since it would suggest some kind of almost automatic shrinkage that would not do justice to the active dimension of the term. What is behind this? And what does all this have to do with the arts sector? Even in the face of mounting crises, growth and prosperity are still among the fundamental ideological constants of our supposedly post-ideological... » read more


Net section

Regeneration in Virtual Space
On Lawrence Lek's Multimedia Work "Nepenthe Valley"
Lorenz Ecker

Digital Coloniality and Forensic Contemporaneity
Adla Isanović

Taubenzucht und Repression
Barbara Seyerl

Vera Tollmann

Wolken aus Zement
Christoph Marischka



Degrowth and the Arts
A challenge of its own kind
Daphne Dragona

Return to Sender
Nest Collective

Ulrich Brand

Jatiwangi Art Factory

Konviviale Technik
Andrea Vetter

Apocalypse in the Rear-View Mirror
Economic-Ecological Downward Spirals and Authoritarian Capitalism
Magdalena Taube, Krystian Woznicki

Más Arte Más Acción (MAMA)

Grüne Energiewende und Rohstoffausbeutung
Kristina Dietz

Dismantling the World
The Capitalocene, Effective Constructivism, and the Inhuman
Frédéric Neyrat




Still Present!
Michael Hauffen

Anita Leisz – Würdigungspreis des Landes Steiermark für bildende Kunst 2020
Christian Egger

Ein Krieg in der Ferne. Prolog
Hedwig Saxenhuber

The Living and the Dead Ensemble – Lanjelis
Carmela Thiele

When Faith Moves Mountains
Vitalii Atanasov

Emergency Exit
Milena Dimitrova

Biennale Matter of Art 2022
Ada Karlbauer

Manifesta 14
Herwig G. Höller

Bruce Nauman – Contraposto Studies
Teresa Retzer

Katrina Daschner – BURN & GLOOM! GLOW & MOON! Thousand Years of Troubled Genders
Melanie Letschnig



Kuba Szreder:
The ABC of the Projectariat Living and Working in a Precarious Art World
Christoph Chwatal

Maja und Reuben Fowkes:
Art and Climate Change (World of Art series)
Katalin Cseh-Varga

Zoran Terzic:
Zukunft. Kunst des Ungewissen
Justin Hoffmann

James Bridle:
Ways of Being. Beyond Human Intelligence
Christian Höller