Issue 2/2023

Sharing Worlds

The world is everything that can be divided. This was thought for the longest time – and geopolitically fatal separations were made into first, second and third world, into developed and less developed regions, into worlds before and behind the curtain. A decisive cornerstone of this disastrous world division had long before been the colonial division and occupation of entire continents. The violent self-aggrandizement that accompanied this divide-and-rule on the white, Western side still represents a syndrome of world-political machinations that is difficult to overcome. It is still a disastrous hubris, which in the meantime people like to renounce rhetorically, but which in reality (see Russia) is as deadly as ever. On the ontological level, this division mentality corresponded – and still corresponds – to the prioritization of the human... » read more


Net section

Mindless Machines
Ada Karlbauer

In the Eye of ‘Datafication’
On the Recent Works of Intermedia Artist and Activist Manu Luksch
Christa Benzer

Intangible Care
About the Third and Last Edition of the Viennese CIVA-Festival
Helena Schmidt

Synergies in Sound and Surface
A Portrait of the Vinyl and Sound Art Label Corvo Records
Heinrich Deisl

Beyond Visible Light
Interview with Media Theorist Jussi Parikka
Sabine Weier


Sharing Worlds

Radical Entanglements and Queer Futurisms
Anuradha Vikram

Sharing the World with Others
Interview with Elizabeth A. Povinelli and Cecilia Lewis on the Artistic Practice of the Karrabing Film Collective
Christian Höller

Screen Grabs
Oleksiy Radynski

Between „Sharing“ and „Participating“
The Sea of Herodotus and the Gift of Death
Anna Karpenko

Limits of Togetherness
Historical Perspectives on the Possible Cohesion of Community and Society
Helmuth Lethen

Reclaiming Common Grounds
On the Possible Links of the Labor and Environmental Movements
Magdalena Taube und Krystian Woznicki

More-Than-Human Cultural Geographies
Towards Co-Dwelling on Earth
Carlos Roberto Bernardes de Souza Júnior

The Delusion of the Commons
Image Gallery
Anca Benera & Arnold Estefan

Creativity in the Wild
Interview with Animal Activist and Artist Carol Gigliotti
Susanne Karr

Smoke and Song
On the Unravelling of Regent Honeyeater Life
Thom van Dooren



Iris Touliatou – Gift
Lucie Kolb

Ulysses Jenkins – Without Your Interpretation
Michael Hauffen

The F*word – Guerrilla Girls und feministisches Grafikdesign
Martin Conrads

Marwa Arsanios – Matter of Alliances
Daniel Pies

Ilse Garnier – a e i o u; Concrete Experience
Susanne Neuburger

Mircea Nicolae – Little Things, Precious Things
Nicoleta Moise

Über das Neue. Wiener Szenen und darüber hinaus
Christian Egger

The weather is uncertain tonight, as is my soul
Barbara Seyerl

Kiki Kogelnik – Now Is the Time
Ada Karlbauer

ORLAN. Six Decades
Melanie Letschnig



Jürgen Engel/Christian Welzbacher (Hg.):
The Making of a Mosque
Jochen Becker

Hettie Judah UND Jenny Schäfer:
How Not to Exlcude Artist Mothers (and other parents) UND Arbeitstage
Raphael Dillhof

Isabel Mehl:
Im Zeichen des Zweifel(n)s. Madame Realism oder: Die Funktion der Fiktion in der Kunstkritik
Kathrin Heinrich

Orit Halpern/Robert Mitchell:
The Smartness Mandate
Vera Tollmann