Issue 4/2014

Cognitive Capital

The term “cognitive capital” is often used in the context of information- and knowledge-based economies. Physical labour or industrial production are no longer the cornerstones of this form of economy, but instead mental, intellectual and affective labour. That at least is the postulate in this theory of the third phase of capitalism (following on from trade and industrial capitalism). There has certainly been talk for some time of “non-physical work” or “semiocapitalism”, dealing primarily with immaterial goods, irrespective of whether this is understood to signify brand names, financial derivatives or so-called meta-data. Cognitive capitalism appears however to encompass not merely the products of intellectual labour but also the entire cognitive apparatus of those involved in this form of production. This apparatus is growing less and le... » read more

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Net section

Books as databases
Artists Using Print as Achieve
Alessandro Ludovico

Urformen im Distributionskanal
Franz Thalmair

Big Data, oder: Jemand zahlt immer den Preis
Yvonne Volkart

Planet Google?
Julia Gwendolyn Schneider

Haptic Feedback
Interview with David Parisi on the role of “touch” in digital environments
Christian Höller


Cognitive Capital

Menschliche Bienen
Pascal Jurt

The Eye of the Algorithm: Cognitive Anthropocene and the Making of the World Brain
Matteo Pasquinelli

Protektorama - Weltheilungshexe, 2014
Johannes Paul Raether

Kerstin Stakemeier

Das neuroplastische Dilemma
Franco Berardi Bifo

Duende and the Neurobiological Sublime
Warren Neidich

The Only Place to Hide? Sleep in Contemporary Capitalism
Alexei Penzin in conversation with Maria Chekhonadsikh

How to Sleep: the art, biology and culture of unconsciousness
Matthew Fuller



Oskar Hansen – Open Form
Juliane Debeusscher

Georgie Nettell – 2014
Tanja Widmann

Giving Contours To Shadows
Su-Ran Sichling

Unendlicher Spaß
Gislind Nabakowski

to take a landscape from
Christa Benzer

Nicole Six/Paul Petritsch
Susanne Neuburger

Walter Seidl

Gabriele Hoffmann

Jehuda Safran

Rosa Barba – A Fictional Library – Live
Sabine Maria Schmidt

A Singular Form
Bettina Brunner



Philipp Kleinmichel:
Im Namen der Kunst. Eine Genealogie der politischen Ästhetik
Dietrich Heissenbüttel

Alain Badiou:
Kino. Gesammelte Schriften zum Film
Manfred Hermes

Corinn Gerber/Benjamin Thorel (Hg.):
A Book About – What’s More To Life Than Books
Yuki Higashino

Malcolm Miles:
Eco-Aesthetic. Art, Literature and Architecture in a Period of Climate Change
Naoko Kaltschmidt

Roberto Simanowski:
Data Love
Gislind Nabakowski