Issue 4/2018


“The history of human progress is truly heroic,” writes American philosopher Steven Pinker in his recent book Enlightenment Now. Pinker’s fact-driven call for humanism rooted in rationality seems to have been written at the right moment – at a point in time or rather in a socio-cultural climate in which precisely these fundamental categories are increasingly called into question. Enlightenment, human reason, fact-based knowledge, even aesthetic experience – all these cornerstones of the modern view of humankind and the world, which are increasingly discredited today, have one thing in common: they all offer as a response something better than what has existed or been achieved to date. Indeed, they strive to attain a transition from what is “old” and diagnosed as inadequate to something that is “new” and considered less deficie... » read more


Net section

Im Blick des Algorithmus
Julia Gwendolyn Schneider

Postdigitales Performen
Christian Höller

Unter dem Radar
Thomas Raab

Mit toten Maschinen geschaffene Kunst
Andrea Uváčiková

Präemption des Politischen
Krystian Woznicki



Climate Games
Yvonne Volkart

Stop and Go
Interview with Oxana Timofeeva and Dmitry Vilensky of the Artist Group Chto Delat
Pascal Jurt

#17, The New Dead End Street
Summer School of Orientation in Zapatism (2017)
Chto Delat

Prog 2.0
Diedrich Diederichsen

Pessimism of the Will, Optimism of the Intellect
Lawrence Grossberg

Danh Võ’s "We the People"
Another Look at the Statue of Liberty
Caitlin Dover

Fortschritt (1974)
Johann Jascha

From the Past’s Future to the Present
Dreaming of an Enlightened Society
Edit András

A Different Shape of Progress
Contemporary Art and Social Inclusion
Catherine Sarah Young

Strassenbilder Wien (1967)
Kiki Kogelnik



Eco-Visionaries. Kunst, neue Medien und Ökologie nach dem Anthropozän
Sabine Maria Schmidt

Lynn Hershman Leeson – First Person Plural
Jörn Ebner

Ein rebellischer Visionär. Retrospektive Vjenceslav Richter

Hier und Jetzt: Günter Peter Straschek: Emigration – Film – Politik
Madeleine Bernstorff

Julie Becker – I must create a Master Piece to pay the Rent
Kathi Hofer

Public Art Munich 2018 – Game Changers
Agnieszka Roguski

Radical Women: Latin American Art, 1960–1985
Ana Hoffner

Manifesta 12 – Der planetarische Garten. Koexistenz kultivieren
Manuela Pacella

20 Propositions
Christoph Chwatal

Film und mehr. Aus den Archiven von Kurt Kren und Ernst Schmidt jr.
Bettina Brunner



Anselm Franke/Tom Holert (Hg.):
Neolithische Kindheit
Naoko Kaltschmidt

Walter D. Mignolo/Catherine E. Walsh:
On Decoloniality
Jens Kastner

Mary Jane Jacob:
Dewey for Artists
Martin Krenn

Karina Nimmerfal (Hg. von Reinhard Braun):
Indirect Interviews with Women
Antonia Rahofer