Issue 4/2019

Digital Unconscious

"Digitality" has become a kind of fundamental constant in our media, cultural and even social life. You might well say, somewhat hyperbolically, that even if nothing else still holds our existence together, "the digital" now increasingly assumes this function. That clearly only refers to an infrastructure framework. However, the more precisely, exhaustively and providently this systematic framework operates, the more comprehensively diverse forms of life, behaviour and consumption are exposed to it. And the more inviolable its power grows, as can immediately be noted. Digitality, understood as the way in which any entity, process or artefact can be derived from a simple binary principle, has in any event begun to inscribe itself deeply into our modes of perception, communication and behaviour. People live, work and also spend the rest of t... » read more


Net section

What Can We Learn from the Commons? Aesthetic Practices of Learning and Unlearning
Cornelia Sollfrank

OPEN SCORES – How to Program the Commons

Feminist Server – Visibility and Functionality
Digital Infrastructure as a Common Project
Shusha Niederberger

“Commonists” and their Attitude towards Imitation
Kevin Rittberger

From Participation to Appropriation
Felix Stalder


Digital Unconscious

Uncanny Nervous Systems and the Digital Unconscious
Konrad Becker

An Anthropological View on Mimetic Nervous Systems
Michael Taussig

Julio Reyes’ Phantom Boat. On the „Mastery of Non-Mastery“
Michael Taussig

This is the Future (2019)
Hito Steyerl

Soziale Sensoren
Katja Mayer

The „Netweird“ Society
Erik Davis

Machines, Spirits, and the Rise of the Secular Occult
Critical Art Ensemble (CAE)

The Invention of the Freudian Robot
Lydia H. Liu

Mine Your Own Business / Te coge el holandés (2018)
Gabriella Torres-Ferrer

Super-Computers, Ancient Myths and Death Cults of the Noosphere
Ewen Chardronnet

Upstream, Following the Unconscious of Machines
About the Works of Fabien Giraud and Raphaël Siboni
Christian Höller



Anna Daucíková
Michael Hauffen

Soil is an Inscribed Body. On Sovereignty and Agropoetics
Bert Rebhandl

Nona Inescu – Corporealle
Moritz Scheper

Nil Yalter – Exile Is a Hard Job
Katalin Erdődi

Margaret Harrison – Danser sur les missiles
Gislind Nabakowski

Sigalit Landau – Salt Years
Milena Dimitrova

Omer Fast – Der Oylem iz a Goylem
Kathrin Heinrich

Collective Exhibition for a Single Body. The Private Score – Vienna 2019
Bettina Brunner

Nikita Kadan – Project of Ruins
Aleksei Borisionok

Hysterical Mining
Lisa Moravec



Michel Foucault:
Die Geständnisse des Fleisches Sexualität und Wahrheit 4
Gislind Nabakowski

Marcelo D’Salete:
Angola Janga – Eine Geschichte von Freiheit
Martin Reiterer

Josephine Berry:
Art and (Bare) Life
Peter Kunitzky