Issue 2/2020

Come Together!

At present, it almost seems as if the isolation of individuals in an era of neoliberal cognitive capitalism has found its most striking biopolitical form to date in the social regimes imposed by the pandemic: Isolation, mistrust, competition, fear and precarization define social space. Personal and state surveillance are part-and-parcel of everyday life, national responses to the global crisis are the general rule. Forms of governmentality rooted in categorisation and cartography of the social realm as a threat; Big Data, data analysis and data mining techniques are now presented as methods within a new economy of the common good and as indispensable to healing the world, and are thus normalised. Political discourse stylizes the social realm as serving “us” as a community in the sense of the communitarian “good society”. The Other is left o... » read more


Net section

We Are Left with a Feeling of Nakedness
A look behind the interfaces of the tech giants with net artist Joana Moll
Sabine Weier

Artists & Agents – Performance and Surveillance
Sabine Maria Schmidt

In Our Back the Ruins of Our Future
About the Project Europamaschine at Vienna’s Burgtheater
Christian Höller

Faitiche est. 2008
The Dancing Enlightenment Aesthetics of Jan Jelinek
Stefan Römer

Return to the Immaterial?
About the Exhibition Les Immatériaux (1985)
Andreas Broeckmann


Come Together!

The Future is Now
Weak Resistance of the Common in an Uncertain Future
Ewa Majewska

The Last Great Comet
Reflections on Our Enlightened Existential Indifference
Ovidiu Ţichindeleanu

The Elimination of the Family
Image Gallery and Text Excerpt
Nicoleta Esinencu und Antosea Darca unter Mitarbeit von Elena Anmeghichean, Cătălina Bucos, Doina-Romanța Dochitan, Nora Dorogan, Ciprian Marinescu, Kira Semionov, Elena Sîrbu, Doriana Talmazan, Artio

„What’s at Stake is Liberation not Freedom!“
Interview with Françoise Vergès
Françoise Vergès im Gespräch mit J. Emil Sennewald

On Our Way to a New Mentality
Anna Daučíková

On Allomorphing
Image Gallery
Anna Daučíková

Gathering and Commoning
Forms and Formats of Training for the Future
Christoph Chwatal

Commoning the City
Reinventing Togetherness
Stavros Stavrides

Being Together Precedes Being
Image Gallery on Jewish-Arab-European Solidarity
Joshua Simon

Dyslexic Thoughts
About Broken Threads by Fani Zguro
Anri Sala



Making FASHION Sense
Yvonne Volkart

Bunny Rogers – King Kingdom
Patricia Grzonka

Bettina Brunner

Wally Salner – Abendakt 19h
Christian Egger

Jeremiah Day – If It’s For The People, It Needs To Be Beautiful, She Said
Carmela Thiele

Uriel Orlow – Conversing with Leaves
Jörn Ebner

Hans Haacke – All Connected
Ana Hoffner

Eva Grubinger – Malady of the Infinite; Henrike Naumann – Das Reich
Teresa Retzer

The Cindy Sherman Effect
Ada Karlbauer

... von Brot, Wein, Autos, Sicherheit und Frieden
Christa Benzer



Grégoire Chamayou:
Die unregierbare Gesellschaft. Eine Genealogie des autoritären Liberalismus
Jens Kastner

Mark J. Sedgwick:
Gegen die moderne Welt
Peter Kunitzky

Christina Thürmer-Rohr:
Fremdheiten und Freundschaften. Essays
Gislind Nabakowski

Benjamin Dix/Lindsay Pollock:
Vanni: A Family’s Struggle Through the Sri Lankan Conflict
Martin Reiterer