Issue 3/2020


Global warming, climate disruption and the threat of the planet becoming uninhabitable were on everyone’s lips until the current crisis broke out. Or, to be more precise: they had finally entered broader public consciousness, so that even politicians could no longer simply blindly govern as if such issues did not exist. A solution to these fundamental problems has not by any manner of means been found simply because these topics have now been temporarily pushed into the background. On the contrary, there seem to be good grounds to believe that the measures adopted worldwide to combat COVID-19 mean that for a long time to come climate and environmental issues will probably be treated as a lower priority than acute existential concerns. Hazarding a guess, the means likely to be involved in saving “the economy” in the near future bode ill in t... » read more

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Net section

„Let cyberspace be your extended nervous system“
On the Trans- and Posthumanism-critical Art of Stine Deja
Barbara Seyerl

On the Way to an Eco-AI
About Roberto Simanowski’s Speculative Rescuing of the World
Christian Höller

Seeding a Revolution in Art
Luiza Prado de O. Martins and Amazoner Arawak at the Transmediale 2020
Sumugan Sivanesan

Skin is the Theory, and Suit is the Practice
Bodies in the Medial Spaces of Will Benedict, Hannah Black and Simon Fujiwara
Ellen Wagner

Swinging Back and Forth Beyond Physics
Virtual Reality and the Assumption of a Numerical-Unconscious
Marc Ries



Annoying Subjects – Kefir and Borage
Olga Goriunova

Selected Works 1979–1987 – Image Gallery
Stefan Bertalan

Re-Animating Soils
Transforming Human-Soil Affections through Science, Culture and Community
Maria Puig de la Bellacasa

Horia Bernea's "Entities"
Magda Radu

The New Wild
On the Impact of „Invasive“ Species, their Human Causes and our Response to Them
Anna Tsing

Geophysics after Life
On the Way to a Political Geology of the Anthropocene
Kathryn Yusoff

Beate Passow – Monkey Business
Image Gallery

Agnes Denes – Projects for New York
Image Gallery

The End of "Us"
The Micropolitics and Rhetoric of the Anthropocene
Claire Colebrook



Circular Flow – Zur Ökonomie der Ungleichheit
Carola Platzek

2050 – nature morte/Kunst zum Klimawandel
Michael Hauffen

The Kalpana – In Desert Times
Yvonne Volkart

Tai Shani – Tragodía
Milena Dimitrova

Josef Dabernig – Equally Not Nothing
Christa Benzer

JOSEF BAUER Demonstration
Hedwig Saxenhuber

Laure Prouvost – Melting into one another ho hot chaud it’s heating dip
Aleksei Borisionok

The Botanical Mind Online: Art, Mysticism and The Cosmic Tree
Jörn Ebner

Travel Apparatus
Ada Karlbauer

FIKTION KONGO – Kunstwelten zwischen Geschichte und Gegenwart
Sønke Gau

Lois Weinberger 1947–2020

Heinz Frank 1939–2020
Grabrede: Hermann Czech



Alice Maude-Roxby/Stefanie Seibold:
Resist: be modern (again) und Censored Realities/Changing New York
Kathrin Heinrich

Jens Kastner:
Kunst, Kampf und Kollektivität Die Bewegung Los Grupos im Mexiko der 1970er-Jahre
Ana Hoffner

Timothy Snyder, Robert Skidelsky:
Und wie elektrische Schafe träumen wir Humanität, Sexualität, Digitalität, Automatisierung der Arbeit: Segen oder Fluch?
Gislind Nabakowski

Jan Wenzel (Hg.):
Das Jahr 1990 freilegen
Sabine Maria Schmidt